Level A1

The primary level where everyday expressions and familiar words can be used in simple sentences. These just satisfy the basic needs and fulfill the temporary conversation purpose.

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Our Courses

  • Level A2

    Clearing this level means complete understanding of the commonly used expressions and sentences which are of direct interest to the new user of German Language.

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  • Level B1

    A higher level to make a learner understand the main points clearly, usage of standard language and detailed focus on topics that are related with school, work, leisure time, etc.

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  • Level B2

    The complex texts of main contents can be easily understood on abstract and concreate topics, and various specialized discussions in area of specialization from his/her own primary need are covered.

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  • Level C1

    The final and expert level where one can effortlessly understand everything, both practicallyand theoretically.

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  • Level C2

    Can effortlessly understand practically everything which he/she reads or hears.

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